To give cancer patients the best possible treatment we work together with researchers and treating specialists all over The Netherlands.

Hartwig Medical Foundation helps to better understand how cancer develops and can be treated.

Hartwig Medical Foundation gathers genetic and clinical data and makes it available for research purposes.

The ultimate goal is that each patient receives a personalized treatment based on the DNA of the tumor.

About Hartwig Medical Foundation

Hartwig Medical Foundation was founded in 2015 to enable systematic DNA analysis and to link genetic patient and treatment data on a national basis. This resulted in the first national database with genetic and clinical data of patients suffering from metastatic cancer. Our mission is to advance the progress of cancer research and its treatment, with a view to improve the care of future cancer patients.

Hartwig Medical Foundation has its roots in the Center for Personalized Cancer Treatment (CPCT). This is a partnership of 43 Dutch hospitals to advance the research into personalized cancer treatment.

Organisation and board

Hartwig Medical Foundation is an independent foundation funded by philanthropy. It is a non-profit foundation (re)investing all acquired means in accomplishing its mission. Daily management is in the hands of Hans van Snellenberg and Edwin Cuppen. Robbert Dijkgraaf is chair of the Supervisory Board.

PBO status (ANBI)

Hartwig Medical Foundation is a Public Benefit Organization, and is recognized by the Dutch tax authorities as a charity.

Watch this video: The key to better treatment and less overtreatment with (metastatic) cancer

‘The problem of treating cancer patients on the basis of their genetic profile with goal-oriented therapies, is that you need many patients. The way the Dutch have solved this problem by involving more than 50 hospitals and making it a national effort, is brilliant.’ 

Prof. Dr. Richard Marais, Cancer Research UK