Contents of the report

Overview of specific cancer-related DNA defects

A patient report of Hartwig Medical Foundation gives treating specialists the most complete possible overview of the specific cancer-related DNA defects of a patient. A patient report contains a number of pages with detailed information.

The front page gives instant information about:

  • tumor-specific mutations, amplifications, deletions;
  • the level of the mutational load;
  • microsatellite instability;
  • presence of fusion genes as a result of translocations;
  • possible relevant clinical evidence items and clinical studies.

For centers that participate in clinical studies, raw patient data can be requested at Hartwig Medical Foundation. Ofcourse, you need your user name and password. In the portal it is also possible to download your data, or parts of it, when required.

Questions on the interpretation of the report

If you are a treating specialist and you have any questions about the interpretation of a report of an individual patient, please send an e-mail to Paul Roepman, clinical molecular biologist in pathology of Hartwig Medical Foundation.

When your hospital has a local Molecular Tumor Board, you can also send your questions on the interpretation of the genetic results of the patient report to them directly.

A sample report gives you a good impression of the contents of the report and the reporting method.

Page 1 of a patient report, anonymized

Patient report example 1st page (click on image to see the entire report)