Further Training

Interpretation and explanation of a patient report

How to read a patient report sent back by Hartwig Medical Foundation after it has sequenced the DNA of a patient’s blood and tumor tissue? How to interpret certain gene defects, and what is their significance?

The increase of information in patient reports goes hand in hand with an increasing demand for interpretation and explanation. Paul Roepman, clinical molecular biologist in pathology who works at Hartwig Medical Foundation, organises together with the CPCT/DRUP team further training in hospitals. If you and your colleagues have any questions about the interpretation of sequencing data and patient reports, they are happy to organise further training in your hospital. Further training could take place during or after a regular consultation (e.g. multidisciplinary consultation or kick-off meeting). The training is organized as much as possible in consultation with you.

For more and more detailed information please send an e-mail to our clinical molecular biologist in pathology at Hartwig Medical Foundation.

Please also refer to the interview with Paul Hamberg, internist-oncologist at the Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland, ‘Learning how to think differently about cancer with the whole team’ (this article is only available in Dutch).

Training 2018

  • AMC, Amsterdam
  • Amphia Ziekenhuis, Breda
  • Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland, Rotterdam
  • Gelderse Vallei, Ziekenhuis
  • jNVMO onderwijsmiddag, Utrecht
  • Maastricht UMC +, Maastricht
  • Martini Ziekenhuis, Groningen
  • Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden, Leeuwarden (gepland)
  • Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis, Delft
  • Rijnstate, Arnhem
  • VieCuri, Venlo
  • VUmc, Amsterdam
  • ZGT, Almelo
  • Ziekenhuis, Deventer
  • Zuyderland Ziekenhuis, Sittard/Geleen

Training 2017

  • Catharina Ziekenhuis, Eindhoven
  • OLVG, Amsterdam
  • Isala, Zwolle
  • Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland, Rotterdam