To give cancer patients the best possible treatment we work together with researchers and treating specialists all over The Netherlands.

Hartwig Medical Foundation helps to better understand how cancer develops and can be treated.

Hartwig Medical Foundation gathers genetic and clinical data and makes it available for research purposes.

The ultimate goal is that each patient receives a personalized treatment based on the DNA of the tumor.

Hartwig Medical Foundation uses a state-of-the-art IT-pipeline for their bioinformatic analyses. Several, mostly in-house developed tools*, are used to call, analyse and annotate the WGS data. 

All code (including all relevant documentation) used by Hartwig Medical Foundation for her IT-pipeline can be accessed on Github:  # Code repository with pipeline code # Code repository with tools developed in-house.

Overview of the set-up and tools of the Hartwig Medical Foundation IT-pipeline *in-house developed tools.