To give cancer patients the best possible treatment we work together with researchers and treating specialists all over The Netherlands.

Hartwig Medical Foundation helps to better understand how cancer develops and can be treated.

Hartwig Medical Foundation gathers genetic and clinical data and makes it available for research purposes.

The ultimate goal is that each patient receives a personalized treatment based on the DNA of the tumor.


All possibly available cancer treatment

Treating specialists of patients who have given blood and tissue for the DNA database receive for individual patients – on average within 3 weeks after the biopsy – a patient report. Hartwig Medical Foundation sends the report to the Principal Investigator (PI) of the hospital. The patient report offers treating specialists a complete overview of the specific cancer-related DNA defects of the patient, with attached an overview of possibly available treatment. Doctors and patients are also informed about possibly appropriate clinical trials in which a patient may participate.

Gearing treatment to the individual mutation profile of the tumor

Sometimes this knowledge enables treating specialists to give a patient suffering from metastatic cancer the best possible medication faster. At the moment treatment is often aimed at the organ. With the information from the report, treatment can increasingly be geared to the individual mutation profile of the tumor. It is possible that in a study someone with stomach cancer receives the treatment which worked well for someone with breast cancer because the DNA mutations in the tumors are similar.

Understanding and interpretation of a patient report

In order to properly read, understand and interpret a patient report treating specialists can get support from among others the CPCT-Multidisciplinary Expert Board (MEB). Hartwig Medical Foundation also provides further training for treating specialists.

Privacy policy

Hartwig Medical Foundation recognizes the importance of patient privacy. Please refer to our privacy policy page for more information.

Watch this video: Why gather as much tumor biopt as possible in the database (Dutch video)

'Some types of aggressive cancer are best treated as soon as possible and with the strongest possible therapy, and sometimes this is possible by getting insight into the molecular background of the cancer of the patient in question.’ 

Niven Mehra, internist-oncologist Radboudumc