Stimulating data usage

In 2018 Hartwig Medical Foundation was involved with the set-up of – by now 18 – research focus groups. These groups have to further stimulate current research and the usage of genetic and clinical data from our database. The focus groups, each representing a type of tumor or a theme / treatment, try to find answers to research questions in their respective fields.

Doctors and researchers

Experts from various Dutch (university) hospitals from those specific research fields draw up the questions. The groups consist of both doctors and researchers. Together with CPCT, Hartwig Medical Foundation supports and facilitates the groups. CPCT is a major Dutch study, in which all patients suffering from metastatic cancer can participate.

Biomarker discovery

The usage of the genetic and clinical data from the database stimulates biomarker discovery and validation. New and/or better biomarkers are discovered when more scientific research is undertaken. Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) used by Hartwig Medical Foundation, makes it possible to identify all types of DNA defects in metastatic tumours which by only applying targeted sequencing would otherwise be partly missed. That is why Hartwig Medical Foundation attaches great importance to stimulate and boost these research groups.

For more information about or contact with a specific focus group, please click on one of the groups below.

Some of the focusgroups are still in formation. More information will follow.

Still in formation:

Breast cancer, Gynecological cancers, Head & Neck cancers, Immunotherapy, Lung cancer, Melanoma, Neuroendocrine cancers, Systemic treatments, (Testicular) Germ Cell Cancer, Upper GI cancers.