National research collaboration survey

HMF and CPCT wish to facilitate the research community in the Netherlands by stimulating collaborative initiatives in the field of cancer genomics and personalized cancer treatment. We have set up this survey to collect your input and create a comprehensive overview of research interest around usage of the rapidly growing HMF database. With the information from this survey, we aim to bring together research groups with similar research objectives and to drive effective usage of the created resources and maximise the value of the HMF database and to avoid duplication of data requests and research efforts.

Your input will be treated confidentially and will be used by HMF to set up plenary and focussed meetings after the summer holidays.

Please read the page on available data and frequently asked questions regarding database usage and data policy before filling out the survey.

We would appreciate to receive your input before July 1st, 2017. 

On behalf of the Center for Personalized Cancer Treatmentand the Hartwig Medical Foundation
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Emile Voest 
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We ask this form to be filled out by or on behalf of Principle Investigators or already existing collaborative initiatives. In case you have multiple research interests in your group/collaboration, please submit this form multiple times.

Feel free to forward the link to this page to any of your colleagues in the Netherlands that might be interested.

This form can filled out in either English or Dutch.

Please note that in the context of this survey, we collect certain personal data in the meaning of the Dutch Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens) relating to the Principle Investigator, other experts and/or collaboration partners. Please do not include information relating to other persons without their consent. We will only process the personal data for the purposes of this survey as set out above and to contact the Principle Investigator on the outcome of the survey. The personal data will only be available to CPCT and HMF and will not be disclosed to third parties (for example on this website). 

In case you experience problems with the form (some people have reported the error ‘Submission rejected, token invalid’), you can also fill out this word document and mail it to


Briefly describe the research question that you would like to address with the HMF/CPCT database or describe the focus of a suggested working group. Please indicate the role that you could play (lead, contribute specific analyses, be involved in another way).
Please indicate which data (tumor and/or germline WGS, RNA-seq, specific clinical data) and group(s) of cancer patients from the HMF/CPCT database would be required for addressing this question. Please provide an estimate on the number of patients required.
Please provide the names of the people in your group who can contribute to the joint research activities. Please indicate the specific expertise area of each person.
Please indicate which expertise would be required within the collaboration to address the research question. Please provide the names of national or international partners or research groups that can provide this expertise. Please also indicate when you think an existing national research collaboration is already in place for coordinating the proposed research.
Please provide the names of national research groups and/or organisations that should be involved in a focused working group.