Testicular germ cell cancer is the most common malignancy in young Caucasian males. About 770 new cases are diagnosed per year in The Netherlands. The curability of these patients is exceptionally high for solid cancers in adults (>90%), although treatment resistance occurs. Besides the testis, these cancers do also develop in other anatomical localizations, sometimes related with a reduced curability. The mechanism(s) behind the sensitivity as well as resistances of germ cell cancers remain largely unclarified up to date. The Germ Cell Cancer (GCC) group will focus on investigation of genome-wide molecular characteristics of metastatic (testicular) germ cell cancers. The aim will be to identify recurring events (coding, noncoding, SNV, indel, SV), followed by their functional effects, impact and understanding mutational patterns. In addition, genetic heterogeneity in the context of tumor evolution, specifically by evaluation of the metastatic lesions, will be investigated.

Leendert Looijenga, Erasmus MC