Hartwig Medical Foundation Australia 

Hartwig Medical Foundation Australia is a not for profit organisation that develops and maintains a comprehensive open source suite of bioinformatic tools to analyse whole genomes and whole transcriptomes for cancer treatment and research. They are a team of highly skilled software engineers and data scientists with expertise in all aspects of bioinformatics.

Hartwig Medical Foundation NL (Hartwig-NL) and Hartwig Medical Foundation Australia (Hartwig-AUS) entered into a collaboration in 2017. 

Hartwig-AUS has unique expertise in algorithm and software development and big data analyses. Hartwig-NL has extensive knowledge and experience with large scale genomics analyses of tumor material, bioinformatic and diagnostic data analyses as well as clinical implementation strategies. Hartwig-AUS and Hartwig-NL are collaborating very closely by sharing expertise and knowledge and are aligning their activities towards common goals. 

This collaboration has already proven beneficial for both parties, e.g., by the development of novel algorithms for tumor whole genome sequencing data analysis in general and for cancer of unknown primary, specifically. These tools are now routinely used in diagnostics in the Netherlands and implemented for various collaborations in Australia.

Both organizations share the same mission in improving cancer patient treatment with development of best in class moleculair diagnostics for cancer treatment and data analyses for cancer research.

Although Hartwig-AUS and Hartwig-NL are both not-for-profit foundations they are not part of the same organization legally nor financially.


Their suite of bioinformatic tools are used to provide clinical reports to cancer patients and to provide processed data for the Hartwig Medical Database of genomes and transcriptomes used by cancer researchers worldwide. The tools are also freely available as a comprehensive analysis suite to other groups who wish to analyse whole genome / transcriptome data for cancer research.


Many leading research groups in cancer genomics use their tools both in Australia and internationally. Their key collaborations in Australia include partnering with Walter Eliza Hall Institute on the development of tools to analyse and interpret genomic rearrangements in cancer. They also provide genomics and transcriptomics tools and support for the Zero Childhood Cancer program at Children’s Cancer Institute and the SUPER NEXT project at the University of Melbourne for treatment of cancers of unknown primary.

Areas of interest

They are interested in building scalable automated tools which can leverage WGS / WTS data to gain insight into tumorgenesis or the treatment of cancers. Specific areas of focus include:

  1. Genomic rearrangements including ctDNA, mobile element insertions, and other complex rearrangements
  2. Immune analyses including HLA typing, and identification and prioritisation of neoantigens
  3. Tissue of origin identification
  4. Novel splicing and splice associated mutations
  5. Telomeric alterations 


Hartwig Medical Foundation Australia is a small team of highly skilled software engineers and data scientists with expertise in all aspects of bioinformatics. They are looking for colleagues. 


For more details, please contact p.priestley@hartwigmedicalfoundation.nl

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