About us 

In 2015, we established Hartwig Medical Foundation to systematically perform complete DNA analyse for patients with cancer in the Netherlands. We link the genetic data we generate to treatment and treatment outcome data and store it in the Hartwig Medical Database. This is the largest database of WGS generated genetic and clinical data of patients with metastatic cancer in the world.  

Mission statement 

To promote scientific research in the fight against and treatment of cancer and other diseases, in the broadest sense and provided it is in the public interest. 


We believe that personalized treatment of cancer patients is only possible if all relevant diagnostic information about the patient and their tumor is available at the start of the treatment process. 

Organization and board members 

Hartwig Medical Foundation is an independent foundationpartly funded by philanthropy. The foundation has no profit motive and reinvests all acquired funds in achieving its mission. The founder of the foundation is Rob Defares. Directors Hans van Snellenberg, Lotte Smits and Edwin Cuppen oversee day-to-day management.  

Hans van Snellenberg, Lotte Smits and Edwin Cuppen


Meet our enthusiastic team of lab analysts, bioinformaticians, IT specialists, clinicians and more!

Our approuch

Our mission is to improve cancer care. To achieve this, we focus on innovations in molecular diagnostics and collaborate with partners who share the same mission.


Hartwig Medical Foundation has ANBI status and is a charity recognized by the Tax Authorities.


To be able to function as a leading scientific Next to excellent employees, a quality assurance system for the laboratory and bioinformatics is crucial. As is compliance to information security systems for the usage of privacy sensitive data. Protecting the privacy of patients and other stakeholders, resolving complaints and embracing suggestions for improvement are part of our quality system and quality culture.

Working for Hartwig Medical Foundation 

At Hartwig Medical Foundation in Amsterdam a dedicated team of lab analysts, bioinformaticians and IT specialists is working on improving cancer treatments. We collaborate with academic institutions, hospitals and experts in the field and are using the latest technology. 


Hartwig Medical Foundation
Science Park 408
1098 XH Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 (0)20 2269 700

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