Mission statement and vision 

Mission statement

To promote scientific research in the fight against and treatment of cancer and other diseases, in the broadest sense and provided it is in the public interest.  

We seek to achieve this objective by: 

  • establishing and maintaining a database and central medical DNA/RNA sequencing facility 
  • facilitating timely and responsible clinical implementation of diagnostic procedures based on genomics technology 
  • applying large-scale sequencing technologies to patient materials for the identification and development of biomarkers 
  • developing and transferring knowledge and intellectual property, which will flow back into Hartwig Medical Foundation for the benefit of the objective and the activities that contribute to this 

* A biomarker is a characteristic that establishes a relationship between a genetic profile, drug and treatment outcome. 


By systematically identifying detailed molecular characteristics of tumors in large groups of patients, we can increase our knowledge of tumor origin and development and improve the effectiveness of treatments. Our advanced analysis techniques are already allowing us to provide patients with more personalized treatments. The integration of this molecular information and the available information on treatments will enable researchers to find better treatments for tomorrows’ patients. 

By combining the molecular datasets generated in our genomics laboratory with clinical data, we are furthering the development of: 

  • More in-depth molecular analyses and data collection by expanding the current DNA based analyses, based on whole genome sequencing, with RNA, ctDNA and systematic proteomics analyses where applicable.
  • Broader diagnostic techniques by linking current data with non-molecular diagnostic data sources such as clinical imaging and pathology data.
  • A learning healthcare system in oncology, using data of the today’s patients for evaluation and research so to provide better treatments for tomorrow’s patients.

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