Our approach

Our mission is to improve cancer care. To achieve this, we focus on innovations in molecular diagnostics and collaborate with partners who share the same mission.

Developing innovative molecular analyses  

The complete DNA test developed by Hartwig is called OncoAct. After the complete DNA test has been performed on patients with cancer, we analyze the patient’s molecular and treatment information. Platinum is the heart of the complete DNA test. We have made this analysis software tool available to other users on Google Platform, as well.

To ensure that as many patients as possible can benefit from this technology, we have made this software available for research and diagnostics free of charge via GitHub. To this end, we collaborate with research groups in Australia, Europe and the United States.

Collecting information about the patient and the tumor 

We store the genetic and clinical data generated during the diagnostic procedure in the Hartwig Medical Database. This database enables research into improved treatments for the patients of tomorrow. By systematically identifying detailed molecular characteristics of tumors in large groups of patients, we can increase our knowledge of tumor origins and development and improve the effectiveness of treatments.

Integrating information and knowledge with treatment outcomes to accelerate scientific research into cancer 

We collaborate with all relevant stakeholders and organizations. 

Want to know more about the complete DNA test?

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