Always an eye for privacy   

While applying for this job, I was asked about my views on rules. Do I prefer to test the limits, or do I rather play it safe? This was an outstanding question.  

Not solely because I already thought about this question extensively, but moreover because it’s one of the most important reasons why I applied as the data manager at Hartwig Medical Foundation. 

During my bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences, I quickly realized that I wouldn’t feel quite at home working in a laboratory. So, I enrolled in the minor programming, where I was convinced of the field I wanted to work in. Thereafter, I completed a master’s in bioinformatics, the perfect combination for me.  

Before applying for a job, I thought about the kind of job that would fit my personality. I like to stick to the status quo and more importantly stick to regulations, especially in the privacy area. I saw a vacancy for a data manager on the Hartwig Medical Foundation website. The management processes and data privacy aspects thereof are bound by such clear rules, which appealed to me. It perfectly fitted my personality. And that’s why I valued that specific question during the job interview.  

“The management processes and data privacy aspects thereof are bound by such clear rules, which appealed to me”

It is heartbreaking to read news reports about personal data exposure because of a data breach. It is tragic to see that the value of that data was not sufficiently safeguarded. It is a personal objective to do just that at Hartwig Medical Foundation. A while ago I told a friend about Hartwig Medical Foundation. He responded ‘Oh, then my mother is probably in your database. He started telling me about her cancer. I then quickly told him to stop, otherwise, I might be able to identify her. Logically, I didn’t want that.  

In my daily work, I should be continuously aware of all privacy elements. Is what I’m doing following the ISMS? Do I obey the regulations? Am I not taking a shortcut? I always must be aware of that, both internally and externally. For example, a common mistake is not locking your laptop when you leave your desk. Everyone at Hartwig Medical Foundation plays a role in data privacy. This is a significant part of company policy. That also plays a role in why I am so well placed in this job. The emphasis on data privacy not only fits well with my work but also with my personality.  

Moezammin Baksi, data manager Hartwig Medical Foundation 

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